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IP20 5630 led rigid strip light 60led/meter 72leds/meter

Rigid LED Bar
*Lit without delay,fast response
*anti-vibration capability
*Emitting with high purity,without lamp filter,optical wavelength error less than 10nanometer
*Low heat,the requirement for heat-resisitant performance is not high
*Concentrated beam,easy to control,no requirement for reflector,less depth of lamps.
*Low power consumption, generate the same luminance only with 6% power consumption as a
traditional lamp.
* long life span,no filament structure,no heating more than six years for normal use.

  • 1. Outdoor and indoor channel letters, plane letters

    2. Outdoor and indoor plane lamp houses

    3. Outdoor and indoor advertising signs or signage

    4. outdoor and indoor advertising light box, super slim light box, crystal light box, illuminated advertising panel,

       illuminated display,billboard,display signboard,backlit display

    5. Outdoor and indor architectural decoration light source

    6. Big backlighting panles and edge lighting.

    7. Other lighting projects

    8. The best replacement of fluorescent tube

  • 1 Architectural decorative lighting
    2 Archway,canopy&bridge edge lighting
    3 Amusement park,theater&aircraft cabin mood lighting
    4 Emergency hallway lighting.Auditorium walkway,Stairway accent lighting
    5 Cabinet,Kitchen,Furniture,Cave lighting

  • IP20 7020 led rigid strip light 60led/meter 72leds/meter IP20 5630 with aluminum led rigid strip light 60led/meter 72leds/meter 5050 60led/meter 72leds/meter ip65 aluminum 5050 60leds72leds/meter led rigid strip light IP20
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