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BridgeLux chip meanwell driver LED hgih bay light

High quality Outdoor LED Flood Lights with competitive price here! •Comparing with traditional HPS or Mercury high bay lights, our LED high bay Lights save 50% - 70% electricity cost. •Comparing with halogen lamps, it saves over 80% electricity cost. •Lifespan is 3 - 5 times than lifespan of HPS, metal halide and halogen floodlight. •Eco-friendly - no UV, IR, lead, mercury or air pollution. We can also provide lighting solution according to your requirements. Please feel free to contact us.

  • 1. Bridgelux chip integrated encapsulated high power LED ranges from 10-220W, which makes 80-110m/W, with low lumens depreciation and good heat dissipation.

    2. Aluminum alloy die-cast baking varnish heat sink, clear tempered glass, ensures good heat dissipation. IP65, Corrosion proof, Dust proof, Water proof, Shake proof.

    3. Aluminum reflector designed after professional light distribution analysis, brings out the best light effect.

    4. Being lighted up within 3 seconds with high CRI(color rendering index). Multiple-color for customers to choose: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White.

  • 1. Instead of the fluorescent lights indoors
    2. School / Universities / Hospital
    3. Conference / Meeting room , Show Room
    4. commercial establishments
    5. Factories / Offices
    6. Super-markets
    7. Residential / Institution buildings
    8. Government lighting engineering, airport, subway


  • 5 year warranty Cree chip 120w led high bay light New type BridgeLux chip 200-400W led high bay light Bridgelux chip 120-250w Cree chip led high bay light Bridgelux chip 30w-120w Cree chip led high bay light   Bridgelux chip 30w-120w Cree chip led high bay light
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