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USA market 2ft 3ft 4ft 6ft dimmable sunrise sunset 72w 144w full spectrum led aquarium light

After the test, the wavelength of LED grow light very suitable for plant growth and blossom and bear fruit.General indoor plants, flowers will grow bad with the long time , the main reason is the lack of light, through the spectrum of LED light, not only can promote its growth, but also can extend the flowering, improve the quality of the flower.And the application of this kind of high efficient light source system to the greenhouse, greenhouse facilities, such as agricultural production, can also solve the lack of sunlight led to the decrease of the tomato, cucumber and other greenhouse vegetables taste.The company has a number of LED products technology patents.Products are widely used in greenhouse cultivation, tissue culture, family grows, etc.

  • 1. Use high quality 3w LED lighting source, the lifespan is up to 50000 hours.
    2. Replace 3~5 times of the HPSL power, 80% electric energy saving than the tradition HPSL and MHL.
    3. High lighting effect, 90% of the light will be absorbed by the aquatic plant,but to the traditional
    HPSL and MHL, the lighting effect is just 8%~10%.   
    4. Input cooling system, well solve the heat sink problem. 
    5. The input voltage is AC100V~240V,suitable for the world standard. Built-in power supply.
    No need other equipment just access AC100~240V voltage from the plug,the lamp will be working smoothly,don't need the reflector and ballast either.     
    6.The lighting area and the height are changeable according to different plants and environments, the same as the parameter.
    7. Environment-friendly, no mercury and other harmful heavy metal.       
    8. Full spectrum available, different ratio available.
    Normally, Daylight, Saltwater: white 12000-14000K/16000-18000k, Freshwater: white 6000-6500k, Moonlight/night light: blue 460-470nm, royal blue 430nm.
    9. Suitable for most marine organism growth, enjoy the sight of blue color at night which show the beautiful fluorescence color of coral, fish, etc,perfect effective illusion
    8. Low working voltage more safe. CE,ROHS,FCC certification. 
    9.Easy disassembling and reassembling in modularize design.
    10. Hanging type and horizontal bracket-style.
  • Flowers and vegetalbles warm shed or greenhouse,seeding of plants growth     room,nurseries,home&urban garden and university research etc.  

  • New WIFI Dimmable 165W Full Spectrum CREE Led Aquarium Light For Coral Reef/Plant/Marine
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