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    How is the quality?
    What is lead time ?
    What should I do if the goods received are damaged?
    How to track your order during shipment?
    What certificates do you have?
    Are you LED lights dimmable?
    What is the main market for Newstar?
    How is the warranty?
    Can I get some samples for testing?
    Are you LED lights dimmable?
    Does Newstar design its products?

  • Color control LED lamp to reach?

    Due to the further development of LED technology, control has become more and more complex. Fortunately, some modern control system in a very simple way to drive any type of color system. In addition to strength, users will be the color of different parameters: RGB, CMY. HSL and HSV.

  • Measurement of the LED lamp bulb temperature.

    LED lamp strip made of PU foam shaped bulbs, without lens can realize light source 360 degree angle, makes a return to the traditional incandescent lamp feeling.

  • LED lamp: 6 key design issues analysis

    To design a product, must first determine the LED package structure whose; then consider how to adapt to these packages; we choose the opportunity not to be many, the optical structure is built on the package on; play us a lot of creativity is not very good.

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